Watersnake Venom SXB E-T Transom Mount Motors for fresh water

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SKU: 5444.065.01
    • 5 Forward & 3 Reverse speeds
    • Telescopic handle
    • Voltage Meter

Our Watersnake Venom SXB E-T is suitable for fresh waters only. The Venom SXB E-T is perfect for boats ranging from small tenders and tinnies up to dedicated estuary and inshore sportfishing boats.

The Venom SXB E-T is a 65lb motor with a three-blade propeller (with 107mm pitch). The Venom SXB E-T run on 12V power and operate with five forward and three reverse speeds, which are controlled with the tiller handle throttle.

The compact and stylish Venom motor head design incorporates a new thicker ergonomic grip for the tiller handle. The head design also includes a digital voltage meter display, so you can keep track of your battery’s condition. The grips on the alloy transom mount makes it easy to attach and secure the motor before you utilise the fast multi-tilt positioning bracket.